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Testimonials Sleep Apnea Treatment at Doueck Dental – Using Oral Appliances instead of CPAP Mask and hose

Testimonial from Lab owner David Walton; Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance treatment at DoueckDental

Sleep Apnea Testimonial by: Pinchas Shaul – Oral Appliance instead of CPAP

Sleep Apnea Testimonial by: Maurice Bavli – Oral Appliance instead of CPAP

Sleep Apnea Testimonial by: David Matyas – Oral Appliance instead of CPAP

I would like to share with you my experience with the Sleep appliance that Dr. Doueck provided me with.  I find myself more alert during the day, my sleep at night is uninterrupted and I am told by my wife that I have stopped gasping for air in the middle of my sleep, I feel that the appliance is a definite improvement for me.

Thanking Dr. Doueck and his staff for all that they have done for me.

David K.

I recently had a sleep apnea device custom made for me by Dr. Jacques Doueck for my severe sleep apnea which I have been suffering from for many years. Not only has the device helped me greatly, as evidenced by the fact that I am no longer snoring, and by the reality that I am considerably more alert during the day, but additionally, the expert care and service that I received by Dr. Doueck, and his professional Staff has really been exceptional. I needed to see Dr. Doueck 6 or 7 times to make sure that the precision device would give me the maximum benefit, and each time Dr. Doueck was as friendly and courteous as the first time. What I mean to say is, there was not pressure on me at all as one might expect for having to see a doctor multiple times for an adjustment. I walked away with the felling that Dr. Doueck was determined to provide me with the best service no matter how many visits were needed!

Pay attention… anyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea to any degree: you owe it to yourself to consider having an oral sleep apnea device custom made for you which will reduce and even eliminate snoring and increase oxygen to your lungs during sleep and ultimately to the brain where it is needed most. And you should certainly consider having it done by Dr. Doueck to insure that it is made properly and accurately.

My Thanks to Dr. Jacques Doueck and his courteous staff who have helped me immeasurably and so cordially, and hopefully can do so for you as well.

Yitzchok H.

I used to snore and my husband could not sleep, and now, when we went on vacation, he said it was a pleasure NO MORE SNORING!

One night I forgot to wear it and my husband had to go outside and sleep on the couch – So I said I must wear it every night so we can have a peaceful sleep . I recommend it very highly to anyone who snores. Your husband will be happy you did!

If it wasn’t for the perseverance of Dr. Doueck & his efficient staff, I would still be snoring. I can’t thank them enough.

Paulette A.

I am very happy with the sleep appliance, it worked great in my case, it eliminated the snoring completely and now my wife is very happy. With the appliance my second sleep test came out excellent. It is very convenient because I can take it everywhere with me, and enjoy its benefit.

With a few adjustments, it is great to use and very comfortable

Office is great, Dr. Doueck sure knows what he doing, he is very professional and thorough.

Joseph C.

I am very happy with my sleep appliance, its comfortable, I got used to sleeping with it I was so happy to find this option, because I knew that a cpap was not an option for me I could never wear a mask and sleep, as per my husband I don’t even snore anymore, and I know that its good for my health to get a good night sleep, I wake up in the morning rested, I have more energy during the day.

Dr. Doueck was very happy with the result of the sleep test I took after the sleep appliance, I have seen major improvement.

My recommendation for anyone who needs a sleep appliance to seek this help, from the Doctor to the staff great office great experience.

Lea G.

I am so happy to have found a solution for my snoring and sleep apnea I came to Dr. Doueck for help, my wife was always complaining about my snoring and I use to gag and could not breath in my sleep and it use to wake me up all the time, as a result I was always tired, when I got to work, I use to fall asleep While driving.

Now using the appliance I sleep deeper and I remember my dreams, also my wife called Dr.Doueck and thanked him because now she is able to sleep, this appliance saved my life because I do not sleep while I am driving I recommend this for everyone that needs it, in the past I have tried the mask and could not handle it, it was too uncomfortable, and the noise from the machine
did not let me sleep. Thank you Dr. Doueck and Staff For helping me.

After that mask I decided not to do anything about it, and lived with my sleep apnea until Dr. Doueck recommended it to me I am so happy I did it.

Morris S.

I met with Dr. Doueck, for my Sleep Apnea Dr. Doueck was very thorough professional and knew what he is talking about. Dr. Doueck recommended the take home sleep test. Wow Take home Sleep test that means i don’t have to sleep in a lab, that sounds great, I will start from the beginning the take home sleep test was easy to use and much better than the first one I took a few years back and had to sleep in a lab. It was so easy to use, it had and ON and OFF button so simple and comfortable. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea by the medical sleep specialist. Once I had the dental appliance made for snoring and Sleep apnea by Dr. Doueck, It was comfortable and I definitely benefited from it, my husband said I don’t snore anymore, and I have been getting a good night sleep, I am not tired anymore, I feel I have more energy .

Very pleasant experience with lots of benefits, great office. Definitely recommend Dr. Doueck’s office for anyone with sleep apnea, to use this appliance, the best part Is I could take it anywhere when I travel.

Raizy S.

I am very happy with the sleep appliance that Dr. Doueck recommended for me it help me a lot in getting a good night sleep, my snoring is much better as per my wife now I can sleep through the night without waking up and without choking and I feel the next day more refreshed than I ever did before, it help me function though out the day more efficiently without dosing off at work.

I am so happy I heard Dr. Doueck on the radio, because I could not use the mask, it was not an option for me and when I heard Dr. Doueck recommended the appliance and no mask I was so encouraged to sick help, and I am so happy I did. I am so happy and recommend it to anyone who need it. Dr. Doueck and Staff were very helpful and nice.

Shaool P.

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