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Our team has advanced training in medical insurance, and will help guide our patients through the process of diagnosis for OSA, and for all phases of OSA treatment.. We are available to answer all questions about Sleep Studies, Oral appliances, or co-therapy.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1 Sleep Study: A sleep study either at home or in a sleep lab is required Before any treatment. Once the patient has had a sleep study, a diagnosis can be made.
2 Paperwork for Insurance: Signed forms, medical insurance card, prescription from MD for an oral appliance.
3 Oral Appliance: Custom-fitted appliances work by preventing the toque and soft tissues from collapsing – thereby keeping the airway open. This usually corrects the cause of snoring and improves health without the need for a CPAP mask and hose.
4 Maximum Medical Improvement: The goal is the elimination or minimization of of symptoms. We verify that the appliance is effective using Pulse Oximetery followed by a sleep study.
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