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Treating OSA is a team effort, and a dental sleep professional like Dr. Doueck can be a vital member of this team. If you suspect you are suffering from OSA, we can help you get started on a cure by referring you to the area’s best sleep medicine physicians. Once you have received a diagnosis, we can work with your physician to help determine if oral appliance therapy is your best option, or if a custom CPAP/oral appliance system is appropriate.

Because obstructive sleep apnea is considered to be a disease, treatments including oral appliance therapy are usually covered by medical insurance. Our office will work with you to obtain all applicable benefits.

From initial consultation to resolution of your OSA symptoms, Dr. Doueck and his staff will work with you every step of the way, providing the advice, support and expertise needed to help you discover better sleep and better health.

TAP III Appliance One of the favorite oral appliances provided by Dr. Doueck is the TAP III, which has been called the Rolls-Royce of oral appliances. This high-durable, custom-fit appliances can be worn alone, or adapted to fit to a nasal pillow or custom CPAP mask. It can be easily modified after dental work, is fully adjustable by the user, and is covered by Medicare, Medicade and most other Medical insurances.


MyTAP Oral Appliance One of the most exciting new developments in oral appliance therapy is the release of the MyTap semi-custom oral appliance. This device works on the same principle as custom appliances such as the Tap III, but instead of being custom-fitted by a sleep medicine dentist, it is designed to conform to an individuals mouth after being heated. It is fully adjustable by the user, and is very cost effective, making it an ideal choice for many OSA patients who do not have medical insurance, or snorers without OSA symptoms who wish to sleep more quietly.

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