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Compliance rates with CPAP may increase when patients are fitted with custom nasal or facial masks that eliminate the bulky headgear associated with traditional masks.

Custom Nasal Pillows

Nasal PillowThe CPAP PRO No Mask nasal interface provides air directly into nasal cavities without the need for an enveloping mask, or the bulky headgear associated with such masks. This means there are no annoying Velcro straps that must be tightened repeatedly during the night to prevent leaks. Wearers can comfortably lay in a variety of sleeping positions that are nearly impossible with traditional CPAP masks. Even when the wearer twists and turns the CPAP PRO No Mask nasal interface stays in place.

Custom CPAP Masks

CPAP MasksStock CPAP masks have a rejection of almost 50 percent, even among the people that need them most. The main reasons for rejection of the stock CPAP mask are leakage of the mask, pressure on the face and the pressure of straps around the head.

By contrast, a custom mask has no straps, no head gear and absolutely no leakage at any pressure. These combination devices are very comfortable because the mask is secured to the dental device. This avoids the need for the straps and headgear as well as provides the benefit of bringing the jaw forward, which opens the airway and greatly reduces the air pressure needed.

Just as important: because a mold is taken of the face, the fit of the mask is perfect. It’s like the difference between wearing drugstore insoles and custom orthotics inside your shoes. There is no comparison. The CPAP machine connects directly to the oral appliance. Only a dentist trained in creating and fitting facial mold and the dental device (TAP-PAP CM) is licensed to provide this care.

When we show the custom mask – combination (TAP-PAP CM) to medical sleep specialists and sleep technicians the reaction is always positive. A common response is “This makes sense, and is what patients need. I have many patients that have stopped using their CPAP mask- they will definitely like this.”

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