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Combination therapy may be indicated for sleep apnea that does not respond to oral appliance therapy alone.

This may include one or more of the following to achieve optimum results:

• Nasal treatment or oral surgery (breathing from your nose is important)
• Chin strap (your jaw should be closed when you sleep)
• Back bumper (to prevent sleeping on your back)
• Weight loss (patients who are overweight are more at risk)
• Combination therapy with CPAP (especially in severe sleep apnea)

Some patients have such a severe blockage that oral appliance therapy alone is not enough. For this group the use of a CPAP hose and mask machine combined with the oral appliance gets a better result than either CPAP alone or the oral appliance alone.

Combination Therapy:
Fitting Pieces Together

Positional Therapy
to help avoid sleeping on the back
Nasal Breathing
nose cones, nasal irrigation and in some cases, surgery
Combination Therapy
Weight Loss
every 10 pounds of weight loss will have a significant benefit
Custom CPAP Mask
which eliminates the straps, headgear and leakage of an ordinary mask
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