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A Physicians Guide to Oral Appliances

The health consequences of untreated sleep apnea are well documented. As a medical professional, you are in a position to help provide diagnosis and treatment for this debilitating condition.

This website provides information on the most successful methods available to treat OSA, including background and supporting facts on the use of oral appliances.

Oral appliance therapy provides a comfortable and effective method of sleep apnea treatment. Patients are typically more accepting of this treatment that CPAP, yielding higher compliance rates and more frequent successful resolution of symptoms.

Physician Guide to Oral Appliance


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Sleep Treatment

For some people with mild to moderate OSA, lifestyle changes such as weight loss, changes in sleep position and the cessation of smoking may be enough to reduce or relieve their symptoms. But in most cases, some form of treatment may be required. In certain, surgery may be suggested, but most of the time, the condition can be treated without invasive procedures.
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Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Dr. Doueck’s office with sleep apnea that I was diagnosed with from 2010, and I was told that I needed a C-Pap. It was not so comfortable to sleep with the Mask. I heard  that  Dr. Doueck   offers an appliance that could help me, and   get rid of the uncomfortable C-pap. I came and met with Dr. Doueck.  He showed me the appliance and how it will work to benefit me, I was also very happy to know that Dr. Doueck took my insurance which is Medicare, and that I will have no out of pocket expense even for the follow up visit. Now I am so happy that I came to Dr. Doueck because I feel great and have more energy because I am comfortable when I sleep at night.


    Chaim Z.,
  • I came to Dr. Doueck’s office with a very high sleep apnea problem that was diagnosed with a sleep a study, I did not know if the appliance that Dr. Doueck is offering will help me, but after using it I felt much better and was able to get a comfortable sleep and reduced my snoring I wondered if my next sleep study will prove that my sleep apnea improved, so after a month I took another sleep study using the appliance it a showed great improvement I was so happy with the result of the sleep study and so was Dr. Doueck I do feel much better and can function much better now that I can have a comfortable sleep I feel refreshed in the morning, which I never had before.


    I recommend Dr. Doueck office great office and great location. Everyone was professional with a lot for experience very happy to have found this office.

    Alex S.,
  • Before I met Dr. Doueck I was so tired all the time and my wife was always complaining of my loud snoring and she could not sleep as well.


    Since the treatment I have been using my Sleep appliance and have been much happier because I wake up more refreshed and most important my wife is happy no more complain about the snoring.


    I would strongly recommend Dr. Doueck for anyone who has this problem, and I want to thank the Doctor and the staff for a great job and accommodation.

    Cyrus A.,